Excellence In Collaboration

This award recognises those that have shown dedication to working in collaboration with other organisations and/or sectors to deliver real solutions and services.

We want to hear from organisations that have successfully worked together on a project with a mix of local organisations and individuals – for example, local entrepreneurs, public sector, private sector, third sector, consultants, academics or researchers.

The judges will be looking for evidence of effective working relationships and collaborations that highlight what is possible when diverse organisations and/or sectors come together to achieve a shared goal. Entrants will be required to explain how collaborative working added value to the project outcomes.

Submissions should focus on the key activities undertaken to promote collaboration, the methods and practices adopted, and the outcomes achieved.
Entries can be based on single projects and schemes or wider programmes of work and strategies to support and improve collaboration.

The closing date for this category is Friday 6th October 2023.

Excellence in Collaboration Award 2023

Entry submissions for the 2023 South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Business Awards are now closed.



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