This award recognises businesses, charities and social enterprises that have made a positive difference within their local community. This could be through their Corporate Social Responsibility activities or in response to a specific need.

Entrants will be required to demonstrate how they identified and made a positive impact on issues within their local community, or how they have made a positive, measurable and outstanding contribution to a local community.

Contribution to the community activities could be through volunteer and charity work or by any means where the organisation has gone above and beyond to support the local community.

The judges will be looking for an organisation that by using their influence, innovation and passion has brought about lasting sustainable change that is making a difference within one or more of the following categories:

  • Partnerships – delivering vital support programmes and services
  • Volunteering – Inspiring and managing volunteers, or supporting employees to participate in volunteering and / or fundraising activities and events
  • Skills Exchange – sharing expertise, knowledge, methodologies, advice and guidance
  • Philanthropy – providing important financial assistance
  • Environmental Awareness – sustainability initiatives such as reducing carbon footprint, renewable green energy generation and / or economic energy consumption, waste management, recycling and sustainable materials sourcing

The judges will want to see:

  • Details of the type of positive impact that initiatives and projects have made on the local community e.g. specific support, enhanced learning, efficiencies, best practice, organisational growth and people development
  • Evidence of positive outcomes (The judges may ask to speak to beneficiaries of your initiatives / projects)
  • An overview of the planning, sustainability and / or long term impact of initiatives or projects
  • Details of any existing core organisational policies or mission statements and how these initiatives align with your organisation’s values.

Contribution to the Community 2022

Applications for the South Cheshire Chamber Business Awards will open on the 27th of June.

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