International Trade

South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce is a major issuer of International Trade documentation

In today's global trade landscape, exporting, importing and outward investment are key in driving growth, creating and safeguarding jobs, and enhancing a company’s competitiveness.

Why do you need documentation to trade internationally?

If you sell your products or services overseas, then you will need export documentation in some countries to clear customs. It can also be required as proof of origin to claim preferential duty rates or for banking purposes when payment is by Letter of Credit.

Letters confirming UK registration and/or Chamber membership may also be required to accompany tenders or contracts. Whether you require documents certifying, legalised, or an apostille by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), we are here to help.

Should your customer require their documents to be legalised by the Embassy, we are able to undertake the legalisation process, making it easier for you and your customer.

South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce helps local businesses trade internationally

We offer:

Export documentation including UK, Arab certificates of Origin and UK-EUR1

Certification of Visa invitation letters

International trade advice

Access to the International Chamber network

Introduction to the export process and guidance on how to complete export documents

Our members receive up to 50% discount on most export documentation!

The top 10 export markets for South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce members

Export Markets SCCCI

Our exporters are trading to an increasing number of countries and come to The Chamber for advice on the relevant international trade documentation and regulations.

Although more documentation is required as we are now a third country outside of Europe, our exporters have stated that it has been quite seamless moving their goods after Brexit.

We're here to help

At the Chamber of Commerce, we are proud to support our local businesses and that their locally manufactured products are sought after worldwide.

If you would like to discuss your international trade requirements, please contact us on 01270 504700 or

British Chambers of Commerce Trade Manifesto 2023

The British Chambers of Commerce oversees a dynamic Network of 53 accredited UK Chambers with affiliates in over 75 international markets committed to creating a platform for businesses to shape the economy for the better.

Download their latest Trade Manifesto here.


“Our Chamber membership has proved extremely beneficial to our business, especially when it came to developing exports.  Their help and advice has enabled us to steer through complicated regulations, the UK’s changing relationship with the EU and the increasing challenges of operating a mail order business in a tremendously competitive environment”


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