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Members are advised that they must abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which are available for inspection at the Chamber’s Registered Office.

Applications for membership are subject to acceptance by the Chamber Board. Subscription fees will be refunded in full should the application be unsuccessful.

Your membership will begin on the date that payment is received and will be valid for a 12-month term. By signing up to an annual, quarterly or monthly direct debit, you have entered into an agreement for a minimum of 12 months membership. If you cancel your membership within the 12 months, the remaining balance will need to be paid.

By signing up for our membership, you agree to the automatic renewal of your membership upon the expiration of the initial 12-month term. We will notify you via email 30 days prior to the renewal, to give you an opportunity to modify or cancel your membership. Failure to cancel or modify your membership before the renewal date will result in automatic renewal and the billing of your designated payment method for another 12-month term.

If membership fees change, we will write to you at the address you have given us at least 14 days before any change takes place.

Cancelling Your Membership

If you wish to cancel your membership you must:

Provide written notice to South Cheshire Chamber’s Finance Department at least 31 days prior to your renewal date. Any other form of communication will not be accepted. Cancellations will only be accepted once the above written notification has been received. If written notice is received within 30 days of the renewal date, an administrative charge of £10 may apply.

If you cancel your membership we will not refund any membership fee paid in advance which relates to a period after cancellation.

Completion and signature of this application signifies acceptance that South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry can contact the member using the telephone, fax or email details supplied. The application also signifies that the member agrees to contact South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry if they register with the telephone or fax preference service (or its successors).


Code of Conduct for South Cheshire Chamber Members

South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ltd aims to provide a safe and professional environment for Members, non-members, and Chamber staff.

This Code of Conduct reflects that aim and is made pursuant to the Articles of Association of the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and is intended to outline and clarify certain of the key aspects that affect or may affect a Member’s relationship with the Chamber.

This Code does not provide an exhaustive list of the obligations of membership, and this Code does not preclude the Chamber from taking any action (including deciding not to take a particular course of action) which it is entitled to take under its Articles or by rule of law or statute or otherwise.

In this Code, a ‘Member’ means a member of the Chamber from the time being and any of its officers or representatives. A Member might be an individual, a business or corporate body and listed in the Directory of the Chamber.

Furthermore, the Chamber commits to reciprocal adherence and upholding of similar standards of conduct in respect of Members, non-Members, its staff, and the general public.


As a professional business organisation, the Chamber expects its Members to observe and abide by this Code, and to uphold the values, professionalism and integrity of the Chamber.

Participation in events, meetings and all other activities of the Chamber is subject to the provisions set out in this Code and to such other terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Chamber from time to time.

The Chamber does not tolerate discrimination, disrespectful or threatening behaviour of any type between or towards any Member, non-member, individual or organisation or members of staff engaged by or associated with the Chamber.

Should any person feel that any Member has acted in such a manner towards them, then they may raise a formal complaint in accordance with the Chamber’s complaints procedure.

In the event of any breach of or non-compliance by a Member with any of the terms of this Code (whether or not such breach or non-compliance is the subject of a formal complaint) the Chamber reserves the right to take any one or more of the following actions (as deemed appropriate in the sole discretion of the Board of the Chamber (“Board”) against that Member, including, but not limited to (a) exclusion from Chamber events (b) removal from Chamber media and (c) suspension of membership and membership benefits and/or the termination of the membership of the defaulting Member, And, in any such case, without liability on the part of the Chamber to refund to such defaulting Member any amount of membership fees paid in advance, whether in full or pro rata.


The conduct expected from all Members of the Chamber is as follows:

1. To endeavour to engage with the benefits and services offered by the Chamber as frequently as possible or practicable to seek to ensure that the full value of membership is derived, and to pay membership and any service-related fees promptly.

2. To maintain the highest standards of conductwhen engaging in Chamber events and activities in a professional and dignified manner, acting with integrity and respect when interacting with Chamber invitees and guests, other Members and their guests and Chamber staff, and the general public.

3. Not to publicly speak or to comment on behalf of the Chamber (or to hold itself out as having authority to do so) unless specifically and previously requested or instructed or otherwise having obtained prior written consent to do so from the Chief Executive or from the Board.

4. Not to act in such a way that the Board deems, in the Board’s reasonable opinion, to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests or reputation of the Chamber.

5. To respect and comply with reasonable requests or directions given by Chamber staff, office bearers or third parties – for example, at Chamber events and not to act in such a way at any Chamber event or activity that would be likely to cause injury or harm to self or to others.

6. To respect the confidentiality requirements and privacy policies of the Chamber, and any confidentiality requirements requested to be observed by Members, Chamber invitees, and other guests in relation to any Chamber events or activities.

7. To respect the rights of Chamber staff, office bearers, Members and non-member participants to enjoy a safe environment when working for, or attending or participating in events, meetings or activities hosted or facilitated by the Chamber, free from harassment, abuse or discrimination and, in particular, not to use threatening behaviour towards nor harass any member of Chamber staff or any Member, invitee, guest or other non-member participant.

8. To ensure that communication with Chamber employees, office bearers and Members is measured, reasonable and professional and devoid of any comments against any of them which are of a personal nature.

9. Not to issue or publish – whether via email, phone, SMS/messaging, social media or similar platform – any malicious, inflammatory, defamatory, abusive or threatening messages or statements in relation to the Chamber or its Members, invitees or guests.

10.  It is noted that members may be photographed at events and meetings for use in Chamber media. Members may also take photographs. Attendees that do not wish to be photographed must state to the events organiser prior to the event or to the photographer at the event.

 11. The  Chamber reserves the right to instruct members not to take recordings or photographs when participating in specific  events (or in other activities run or coordinated by the Chamber) whether online or in person.

12. To act in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations governing any activities undertaken by them as a Member of the Chamber.

13. To abide by the Chamber’s Articles of Association and any rules, codes, conflict of interest guidelines, by-laws or other policies as may be issued by the Chamber from time to time, together with any updates thereto.


As a member of the Chamber, the Member will gain access to various reports and research, to individual contact details and to other confidential information which should be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policywhich is available on the Chamber’s website.

In being a Member, you also agree:

  1. To comply with all relevant data protection laws, rules and regulations and not to share personal information to any third party without prior consent of that individual.
  2. Not to share commissioned research and reports or other intellectual properly without the prior written consent of the Chamber.
  3. Not to spam or use any information in a manner that may be deemed inappropriate or harmful to the Chamber and/or its reputation.
  4. That should you wish to share information that you may feel is relevant to all or certain members, please liaise with the marketing team in the first instance to discuss an appropriate approach.

The Member shall comply with the Chamber’s rules in respect of Trade mark rights, whether registered or unregistered, together with all similar or equivalent intellectual property rights or forms of protection, and will only use such materials, for so long as the Member as in membership of the Chamber.


South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce is a business membership organisation. Although the Chamber expects its members to abide by the code of conduct of the Chamber, it does not guarantee, or take responsibility for the products or services offered by member organisations.


This Code may be amended, updated, or replaced by the Chamber in its absolute discretion from time to time. Any new or amended version of this Code shall be displayed on www.sccci.co.uk

DATE: 25/01/24

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