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The Nantwich Clinic Ltd

Making health and wellness services accessible and encouraging individuals to take control of their own health and wellness, The Nantwich Clinic has been transforming health and wellness since 1999, by maintaining the lower limb and foot health of patients of all ages.
The Clinic’s podiatry service has been part of the areas ‘front-line’ medical team, playing a vital role in assessment, diagnosis and treatment, working alongside and assisting the NHS.

Our all-new Health Hub, situated on Newcastle Road, Stapeley, opened in February 2022, with its spacious on-site parking. The hub now encompasses a unique range of medical and health facilities, namely


  • Podiatry
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  • Rehab
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  • Pain Relief programmes
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  • Pilates
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  • Audiology
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  • Ear wax Removal
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  • Physiotherapy
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  • Non-invasive skin tightening and fat reduction.

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