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The People’s Training Company

Healthy bodies 
Introducing a comprehensive health and fitness service designed to enhance your well-being with personalized support and expert guidance. Our experienced trainers and nutritionists offer tailored workout plans, nutrition advice, and mindfulness practices to help you achieve your goals. Whether you prefer in-person coaching at the gym, virtual coaching from the comfort of your home, or a combination of both, we provide flexible options to suit your lifestyle. With real-time feedback and progress tracking available online, our coaches are dedicated to ensuring your success every step of the way. Join us today and experience the difference personalized coaching, both in person and online, can make in your health and fitness journey.

Strong Businesses
Introducing a comprehensive corporate wellness program designed to prioritize the health and well-being of your employees, boosting productivity and morale. Our team of experienced wellness professionals offers tailored workout plans, nutrition advice, mindfulness practices, and engaging wellness events to support your employees in achieving their health goals. Whether they prefer virtual coaching accessible from anywhere or participation in on-site wellness events, our flexible program caters to diverse preferences. Best of all, there's no need for expensive gym memberships – we bring the wellness experience directly to your team. With real-time feedback and progress tracking available online, our coaches are committed to ensuring the success and satisfaction of your employees at every turn. Invest in the holistic health of your workforce today with our personalized corporate wellness program.

Empowered coaches 
Our Coach-to-Coach Mentorship Program caters to personal trainers and fitness instructors seeking guidance from a diverse group of experienced coaches who have successfully built their fitness businesses. This program provides a unique opportunity for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs to gain insights from various perspectives within the industry. Mentors come from different parts of the industry, offering their expertise and experiences. Including valuable insights and advice, personal and professional growth, a robust network of connections, personalized support tailored to your needs, and the opportunity to develop a comprehensive skill set through exposure to varied perspectives and approaches. 

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