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I am a European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) qualified transformational/performance coach and mentor, holding the EIA Foundation Accreditation. I gained my EQA qualification with an 18 month diploma in Transformational Coaching. I also bring over 20 years of operational and strategic business experience.

I am empathetic, approachable and solutions focused in my coaching sessions. I believe everyone has the ability to self develop and achieve better results by accessing a greater depth/way of thinking. Our only limits are the ones we set ourselves

Coaching helps you to build self-awareness , encourages you to take ownership of and responsibility for action, and helps to improve your self-belief. Working with a coach delivers fulfilment, achievement and long term confidence by removing obstacles to success; obstacles such as limiting beliefs and assumptions, self doubt and imposter syndrome. 

I combine support with challenge in coaching conversations and am confident that my non-judgmental approach facilitates transformational change.

My existing clients range from business owners and directors- who benefit from a confidential, safe space that allows them to press the pause button and give themselves time to think, reflect and forward plan- to team members and individuals who would like to improve their performance by identifying where blockers and challenges exist and work to remove them. 

What would you like to improve? The content and the outcome of each session is owned by you, my role is to provide a space that empowers you to deliver enhanced results. 

I enjoy working with people across a broad range of industries and love meeting and connecting with new clients.

Get in touch to find out more, I look forward to meeting you soon.



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