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Raspberry Business Support

I’m Julia of Raspberry Business Support and I provide practical admin support and guidance to business owners and their teams. 

I specialise in sales and operational admin support.  Taking over the back office sales and operations processes from business owners who want to get on with growing their business.  Once an order has been placed or a service/subscription signed up for  I will take over, making sure contracts are in place, liaising with clients and suppliers, arranging deliveries (whether that be physically or electronically) and keeping their clients happy.   I will also take care of invoicing, chasing payment and daily bookkeeping.

For those businesses that are just starting out or already have a team in place but lack systems and processes, I work with business owners to set the solid foundations for running their business, smoothing out any glitches and making sure they have systems in place that not only adhere to the basic requirements of running a business but also enable growth.  I pay particular attention to making sure they have the correct documentation in place to protect their business and make sure they are set up to keep HMRC happy too.

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