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InspiresMe Consulting Ltd

Multi award-winning start-up and small business adviser, mentor and non-executive director: bringing inspiration, clarity and confidence… one easy conversation at a time. 

Sometimes the best and worst thing about being the leader or owner of a small or medium-sized business is that there is nobody there to tell you what to do – nobody to kick ideas around with; nobody to unload on when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Reaching out to trusted advisors is a lifeline. It gives us an opportunity to cut to the heart of the matter, gain a different perspective and find innovative solutions to the challenges that face us.

As the vision and drive behind the growth of the multi award-winning Hydraulics Online brand (from a business start-up to the DIT Northern Powerhouse Export Champion and global provider of today), Helen Tonks founded InspiresMe Consulting Ltd to enable her to be that trusted advisor to others. To help bring clarity where there is uncertainty, focus where there is burden and support when you need it.

If you are looking for support or guidance in your own day-to-day as a start-up founder or SME business owner, then reach out to Helen to start a conversation… 

"Helen is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable leaders I have come across.
She has the most amazing ability to encourage small business leaders to tackle their challenges. She does it by sharing her own authentic experience, hopes and fears and, by doing so, she creates a safe space for sharing and learning.” 

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