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Guiding Performance Success Limited

Guiding Performance Success Ltd was established in 2016 by Julie who is passionate about making a positive difference for individuals, teams and organisations.   Julie's 30+ years experience as a Human Resource professional gained across various sectors, e.g. retail, rail industry, financial and educational sectors, is integrated into three services provided by her:

* Coaching Provision
* Mental Health Awareness Training
* Developing Personal Resilience Training.

Coaching Provision
Coaching is a developmental approach based on the use of a one-to-one dialogue that aims to produce optimal performance and improvement at work. It focuses on specific skills and goals, although it may also have an impact on an individual’s personal attributes such as social interaction or confidence. The coaching process typically involves 6 one-to-one coaching discussions that take place over a defined period of time as agreed between the Coach and Coachee, and Line Manager where appropriate.

Feedback from relatively recent Coachees include:

"Great relationship with my coach; I really felt like she listened and cared; gave great and relevant advice" – Senior Lecturer in Higher Education

"The monthly or so meetings were brilliant. It was enough time to reflect and implement ideas from the meetings. Julie was brilliant at responding to specific situations or examples from my role and linking them with the broader theory. The summaries in between were excellent and really helpful to keep on track with everything." –
Learning Skills Adviser in Higher Education

"I feel that I have become more aware of my own skills, areas for development and have a better understanding of the behaviour of my team. As a result, my behaviour and approach is more confident and assured." –

"The team dynamics have improved and I feel my increased confidence and understanding of the team has contributed to this. I feel that there has been a positive impact on my effectiveness and my ability to plan and communicate departmental projects and objectives to the team." –
Team Leader in Higher Education

"I found the sessions transformative. The impact on my work life balance has been tremendous. I have developed approaches that I apply to working in challenging circumstances with colleagues every day. The impact on my work life balance has also been amazing- having identified alternative approaches and developed skills to deal with situations in a new way has reduced work stress significantly. I am more effective and efficient in dealing with difficult unforeseen issues that arise form a work stand point. But I am also better placed to manage the additional pressures that arise and deal with them without compromising other required activities (both at home and work)."
 – Senior Registrar in Higher Education

Mental Health Awareness Training Provision
This Mental Health Awareness 4 hour course aims to provide learners with some basic knowledge of Mental Health and what can be done to maintain their own Mental Health; learning objectives are:

1 To understand what Mental Health and Self-care mean
2 Have some understanding of Mental Health problems and common Mental Health conditions
3 Understand protective and risk factors that can influence good and poor Mental Health
4 Knowledge of some Self-care toolkits/frameworks that can help maintain good Mental Health
5 How to recognise warning signs of poor Mental Health
6 When to seek professional support
7 How to get out of a crisis
8 Understand the concept of Recovery

To optimise the learning experience, courses are limited to a maximum of 12 participants and can be facilitated remotely or in-person at place of work.

Mental Health Awareness Training – Proven Results
Course Participants indicated that out of 10, 10 being the highest score:
** Confidence relating to Mental Health Awareness increased to 7.17 (average) after completing a 4 hour course compared to 4.67 (average) before the course and ** Knowledge of Mental Health also increased to 7.67 (average) after completing a 4 hour course compared to 4.67 (average) before the course

Feedback from learners include:

"Julie made this course very enjoyable and informative. I feel so much more confident moving forward! Very happy I have completed it!"
"Julie was fantastic, she was really interactive with all the learners and really encouraged people to be comfortable in answering questions." "The course was really inclusive of everybody and everyone’s opinions and thoughts and Julie made everyone want to join in. Thanks very much"
"Julie was very informative and she ran great sessions I’ve come away and learnt a lot that I’ll be able to use in future"

Developing Personal Resilience Training 
Aim and Objectives for this 3.5 hour workshop which can be delivered in person or remotely
Workshop Aim:
* To explore the concept of resilience, reflect upon your strengths and identify actions to develop your resilience further
Workshop Objectives:  
* To understand the dynamic nature of resilience
* To understand what is at the heart of resilience
* To recognise stress and its impact on mental health and resilience
* To review strategies to manage stress and develop your resilience
* To start to develop an action plan to enhance own levels of resilience

Preferential rates for all services are available to Chamber members – for an initial exploratory discussion please email or call Julie

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