Chamber Cyber Essentials

Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime

Nearly 40% of UK businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the last 12 months

Cyber Essentials certification helps to protect organisations of all sizes from a wide range of the most common cyber threats. This effective Government backed scheme focuses on five technical controls that have been proven to be effective against up to 90% of cyber attacks.

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With CHamber Cyber Essentials, our Members can benefit from:

Access a discount on certification

Attend training on how to get certified

Download the self-assessment questions for free

Receive free cyber security guidance

Use the Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool, a free online tool that helps get your organisation ready for Cyber Essentials Certification

A Cyber Essentials Certification Will:

Attract new business with the promise that you have cyber security measures in place

Allow you to bid for tenders and contracts that require Cyber Essentials certification

Reassure your supply chain that cyber security and data protection is an important priority for your organisation

Demonstrate to the ICO that you safeguard sensitive data and are on the right path towards GDPR compliance

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