Quarterly Economic Survey

The Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce is the UK’s largest and longest-running independent survey of business sentiment. The survey asks businesses across all sectors if you have experienced a change in a range of indicators each quarter, including sales, exports, cash flow, investment, and recruitment. It gives unparalleled insight into the health of the local and national economies.

Make Your Voice Heard

Our members are able to share their thoughts and concerns with us and we present this data to local and national government and lobby for strategies and policies that will best reflect the will of our members and promote economic growth in the area. We ensure that your voice is heard by those who can make a difference.

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Previous Findings

QES Infosheet Q1 2024: Whilst business confidence remains buoyant, there has been no overall improvement to business conditions. 56% expect their turnover to grow over the next twelve months and 46% now expect their prices to rise in the next three months.

BCC Quarterly Economic Forecast Q4 2023: Inflation remains the top external factor of concern for the majority of respondents (58%). Although this has declined significantly from the peak of 84% in Q3 2022.

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