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Mike is known throughout my network as the best presentation and networking trainer in the business.” – Richard Stone, Stone Junction.

So do you want to:
– be a more confident, successful presenter?
– see more return from your networking activities?
– improve your own, or your team’s, communication skills so they can work more effectively together and also with your clients?

Or do you want to:
– be less stressed when you need to present or go networking?
– reduce conflict and misunderstandings?
– minimise wasted time and effort?

If so, Mike can help you.

All of the above involve people interacting, in one way or another, with other people. What Mike therefore does is help people (and their teams) to Interact better with those other people.

There are many, and varied, benefits in doing this (more than those listed above, in fact) and the nett result is that people Achieve more of what they are looking to achieve, whether that be more sales, increased confidence, reduced stress, fewer arguments, increased client retention, saved time (or lots, lots more).

To do this , Mike combines coaching, training and facilitation techniques to offer the following services:
Help with Presenting
Help with Networking
Help with Communicating
Help with Employee Effectiveness
Help with Events

Mike also offers a number of public courses throughout the year. Information on the currently scheduled public courses can be found here:

If you would like more information on how Mike could potentially help you (or your team) to Interact better and Achieve more, please feel free to get in touch with him via

Mike Grocott - Intercog

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