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Alpha Omega WPS Foundation

A non-profit organisation campaigning for the security of women and girls in their everyday lives. On the streets, schools, workplace, night life and at home. We educate and assist women in local communities in promoting peace and security within such communities, encouraging women to become agents of change and security instead of victims.
We emphasise that the job of keeping women safe is a collective and communal effort not just to be left for the Police and other law enforcement agencies. We work with men, boys and everyone in our community in this campaign.
We emphasise the importance of equality and diversity and therefore aim to unite the unique and diverse nature of our community through targeted programmes that foster inclusion amongst the various ethnic groups and nationalities that make up our community.
Our strategy is the 3P’s which are:


  • Implement schemes for protection from violence and abuses.
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  • Representation and general support.
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  • Self defence programmes.



  • Parenting workshops.
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  • Workshops on security.
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  • Education.
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  • Empowerment.
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  • Online Safety workshops.



  • Recruitment workshops into the security sector for women (ladies have expressed more confidence in approaching a female security personnel than a male).
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  • Neighbourhood watch/Street Angels. 

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