LSIP Press Release

South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry chosen to lead the Local Skills Improvement Plan for Cheshire & Warrington

South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry is delighted to be designated by the Department of Education to lead the development of the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) for Cheshire & Warrington.

As one of the 38 LSIPs across England, each plan will provide a mechanism for businesses to have a stronger voice in shaping local skills provision.

Paul Colman, South Cheshire Chamber CEO, said:

“The LSIP process provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses in Cheshire and Warrington to be at the heart of shaping how their current and future workforce can access the right training locally whilst keeping pace with the move towards greener and more digital workplaces.

In developing the plan, we will be bringing together local businesses, training providers and a broad range of stakeholders to ensure that the planning for local skills in Cheshire and Warrington aligns with existing and emerging job opportunities and skills required for growth.

We are looking forward to starting the work on this exciting project as we move forward to develop a successful LSIP for Cheshire and Warrington”.

The Chamber is one of 33 Accredited Chambers of Commerce which will lead LSIPs across the country, supported by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

For more information or to express interest in getting involved in the Cheshire & Warrington LSIP, please email

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