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Future Of The Economy: 6 Reports from the British Chambers of Commerce

The Future of the Economy programme is looking at the biggest challenges, and opportunities, the country is facing.

These reports were published in consultation with the Chamber Network, Business Council, external stakeholders and academics, focusing on key economic challenges. Read the reports below:

Election Manifesto: Future of the Economy

A five-point plan for immediate action by the new government is at the heart of the British Chambers of Commerce Election Manifesto.

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Green Innovation: Building Sustainable Futures for UK Businesses

This report draws on expertise from businesses of all sizes and sectors and academia to develop ambitious and realistic proposals that, if adopted by policymakers, can form the blueprint for accelerating our net zero transition.

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People and Work: Boosting Skills Through Education & Work

This report considers the lifecycle of an individual through education and work and the role of government and employers in enabling everyone to be skilled, productive, healthy and achieving their full potential.

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Local Economy of the Future: A Business-Led Plan For Thriving Communities

This report explores what currently works well, what works less well and how our local economies must adapt now to create the thriving local economies of the future.

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Global Britain: Driving Trade & Inward Investment

This report summarises the approach of the BCC in helping the UK grow and prosper as an independent nation. It summarises our history in attracting foreign direct investment and proposes recommendations to improve.

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Digital Revolution: Connected, Secure & Dynamic - Navigating Our Digital Future

The digital revolution opens a wealth of opportunities for UK businesses of all shapes and sizes. This report report outlines a series of clear asks from policymakers on broadband, wireless connectivity, cyber security and AI.

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