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Pink Connect Crewe South Limited

We Supply :
Business Internet that Works
We understand that there is nothing worse than downtime. With a variety of services, we ensure your business & team are running at optimum speeds and reliability. From leased lines to fibre, we’ll keep you connected.
A full range of Voice Business Solutions
From Hosted VoIP to ISDN, there are a lot of acronyms in the telephony industry. Rest assured, we have a full product portfolio and will help you navigate the right solution for your business needs.
Great deals on business phones and plans
We naturally partner with all the main networks, with exclusive offers for our business customers. From the newest handsets by the top brands, to the fastest 4G & 5G internet connections. We’ve got you covered.
Solutions in line with GDPR
Current threats to your digital infrastructure are coming from all sides. We can protect your office equipment, your data, mobile phones and emails with the right security solutions. Firewalls and Unified Threat management solutions for SMEs. We also offer GDPR Advice and disaster recovery solutions.
IT & Networks
Tech support from IT professionals
Whether you are running your own on-site server or migrated to the Cloud, we have the in-house experts to help you get the most from your IT systems. Choose from servers, backups, software installations or equipment deployment. Cable Management or VPNs, we cover it all.
Sustainable Energy
Looking after Earth together
As a committed broker, Pink Connect offers access to the best business rates for Gas, Electricity and Water for your business. With a green-focused company, we install bespoke EV car chargers across the UK.

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